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Zhejiang Xizi Hotel

Zhejiang Xizi Hotel Wang Zhuang (Hangzhou) is located in one of the Ten Views of the West Lake in Hangzhou "Leifeng Pagoda" mountain Toshi, east of the sea, South to the famous ancient temple in the temple on the net as a neighbor, "and" Su "," Three Pools Mirroring the moon "," liulangwenying "and other famous landscape across the lake across, overlooking the North South Summit, Baochu pagoda etc., Huguangshanse panoramic view. Zhejiang Xizi Hotel transportation is convenient, the location is superior, the bus line K4, K504 Road, etc. can be arrived, but had received the head of state. Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, Wang Zhuang to the courtyard of a large-scale transformation, at present Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, Wang Zhuang have standard rooms, deluxe double room, single room and deluxe suite rooms of all kinds, hotels and restaurants, and nine, Huguangshanse into food, in a leisurely and carefree mood all meals. A pot of tea, two or three friend, filtration of urban life, away from the hustle and bustle of the mundane world, make it ideal for celebrities, successful people, senior business customers work, vacation, leisure. Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, Wang Chuang opened in January 1958, 2 floors, a total of 207 rooms (sets). Tips:after notice of the traffic police department, from March 1 to June 6 recently, during the weekends and statutory holidays, sections of the West Lake scenic area implementation of the motor vehicle of odd and even number of measures to limit the area, including the field of vehicle, please choose suitable means of transport and route travel, if necessary, please contact the hotel!